Sunday, December 20, 2009

computer woes multiplied

so...i've been having major internet issues. times when my computer will connect and keep a strong signal, are spotty at best. i've been having these issues for months, but it's just gotten ridiculous in the past 3 weeks or so. i know it's my computer because michael's work computer is perfect. stinky computer.

well, to make matters worse, michael was carrying my laptop upstairs the other night to print out the labels for our christmas cards. before he even got upstairs, i heard him turn around and come back down. he had a very sheepish look on his face and admitted that he broke my computer screen. it's cracked and you can't see a thing on it.

if you could see me typing this post, you'd be rolling on the floor before you know it. i have my computer hooked up to our hdmi cable in the closet in our family room. i'm sitting on the floor there, back against the wall, computer on my lap, trying hard to focus on the tv screen across the room. yes, i'm typing on my laptop that is connected to my tv screen. don't believe me? it's true. sad, but true.

update: this post was written about 2 weeks ago. right when i was about to publish the post, something else went wrong and i couldn't even see what i was doing on the tv. now...i have my laptop connected to our gigantic, 60 inch upstairs. it's quite funny looking.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

for uncle mattie...

hooray,'s mom and her camera...

get that camera out of my face, woman!

i'm too big for a little ol' baby swing, didn't ya know?! i much prefer my big boy bouncer!

all warm and cozy in my monkey suit for a walk around downtown. nice!

i miss you, uncle mattie and can't wait to see you at christmas time! i love you!

computer troubles

i haven't been posting because something is wrong with my computer. i can rarely get an internet connection and when i do, i can't ever do anything.

i've been trying all day and was just able to actually get to my posting page.

keep your fingers crossed that we get this thing figured out.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

santa claus is comin' to town

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sit. stay. roll over.

well, we've got one of those down.

michael rolled over early last week. he did his first roll over on his own, but wouldn't really do it again until you let him hold your finger so he knew what you wanted. :) he's doing it all on his own now from back to tummy and tummy to back. he is always so proud of himself but would really love it if he could get his hands out from under him right away.

in this video, after he rolled over, i tried to get his arms up and found that he had his hands clasped together under his tummy. silly guy! this was taken on thanksgiving day.

family pictures

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

month 3

3 months old! wow! how on earth can you be 3 months old?!?!?! you've done so much in this past month that i've had to share quite a few pictures and stories here. first of all, you've really enjoyed hanging out with mom and dad and we've enjoyed hanging out with you. you are quite a lovable baby full of sweet smiles and giggles. in fact, your first real laugh was this month. you laughed at mamo twice on our way to the store. it was a wednesday, november 11th. what a beautiful sound it was! mamo has quite the bragging rights on that one.

we've decided you're the perfect mix of ellie and gray. you are still very particular about certain things. when you want something, you want it now. but then again, there are times of total chillness. :) gray is really laid back and we definitely need that side of you sometimes. you're amazing when we're out and about. sometimes you don't like to stay in your stroller but are perfectly content to continue shopping as long as you are in someone's arms where you can look around and take everything in. thanks for that, by the way, cause it's time for christmas shopping!

you experienced your first halloween this month as well. handling it like a champ, you were a green, slithery dragon. or lizard. we can't decide which it is. i first looked at your costume and thought there was no way you'd fit in it. it looked huge! i was so sad when you fit nicely. i was so proud of you when you didn't even complain that you didn't get candy like the other trick-or-treaters. great job!
jules found you to be very interesting in that thing.

we realized that you've been crying in the car lately because you don't like to listen to mama's country music channels. sorry about that but i didn't know you were so punk...

i was changing your outfit one cold day when daddy called to us from outside. i bundled you up in our blanket and walked out. you loved it so much that you just played and played in there for quite a while. see...chillness.
in your new relaxed attitude, you've managed to find your tongue. you stick it out if someone does the same to you. you slobber....all the time. everywhere.
your tongue is second in interest to nothing but your hands. you bite them, suck on your fingers and grab everything in sight. you still have a bit more coordinating to do with toys that are far away from you, but you're working on it!

one of your most favorite things to do is watch tv. uh oh. you'll even stop eating sometimes, turn around and watch the tv. there have been times i've had to turn the tv off just make you focus. pretty sad, little boy. pretty sad. :) but honestly, sometimes very helpful. you're really good with your timing and wake from a nap right in the middle of dinner preparations...and then...the tv saves dinner.

mama's camera has become part of your environment and you humor me most of the time. the flash doesn't scare you like it used to. now you just stare into the camera. it's like you're thinking, "alright lady, just take your pictures, get it over with and then back up. you're a little close with that thing."
you still hold your hands together all the time. in the mornings, you'll make the biggest stretch, then calmly bring your hands down and place them together under your chin.

still lovin' the swaddle and the swing.
this month we went to a retreat with the saf ladies that mamo organizes each year. you were WONDERFUL! you slept so well and let everyone hold you and love on you. you stole the hearts of every woman there. plus-you gave me some much needed time with Jesus. thanks for being such a good boy!

nanny discovered that you like to have your legs rubbed just like i did when i was a baby. you may look just like your daddy but i guess i get to have a little part of you. :)

we spent a few days in san angelo after the retreat and you and pa hung out in your stripes. what a striking pair the two of you are. you love your pa so much. he holds you just the way you like. you lean your back against his chest, perch on his arm and have his other big hand placed against your tummy. you get to see the world and feel safe and secure all at the same time. you love it.

you still really enjoy your bath time. you can be crying but as soon as i walk into your bathroom and turn on the light, all unhappiness vanishes. you'll even lay on the rug forever if you hear the water running. it's a nice bonding time for us! you've taken a few baths with daddy too. that's way more fun because you get to move around in the water a lot more. and your little body is just too cute! what a tiny hiney!

this month you've started doing one of my most favorite things. you look at whoever is holding you and talking to you. you used to smile and enjoy being talked to but if i was holding you, you'd look anywhere but at my face. now, you lean back just a tad and stare into my eyes, or daddy's eyes, or mamo's eyes. talk about feeling special. wow!

you are a wonderful baby boy and i'm loving every single minute of this life.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

baby boo party

our mom's group had a baby boo party for halloween. the plan was to have all the babies dress up in their halloween costumes but it didn't quite happen. it was such a fun get together, as they always are!

melissa and jude

alli and sophia

rikki and michael david!

yummy mix

mummies! so cute!
there was a lot of other food too but the camera missed it...bummer.

jude brought halloween gifts for all of his buddies.

the kiddos: bella,
sophia, michael david, miller and jude

sophia really love bella's ballerina costume.

sweet cheeks

buddies miller and jude

someone always needs to get annoyed with the camera. if someone doesn't, it means you haven't taken enough pictures. thanks, miller! :)

after the party and a long nap later, md was stylin' in his "i love mummy" onsie and socks!