Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9 days to go

i remember writing a blog last year about how 9 is the most beautiful number. there were 9 days of school left then as well. the only number that could be better than 9, is 8. the only number that could be better than 8, is 7. the only num... you get the point.

it seems that the end of the school year here in the big sa is just as stressful on teachers as the beginning of the year. there are one million things to fill out. things to pull from my files and add to another file. prc's to organize and complete for my kids first grade year. there are pinks, blues, yellows, whites, and reds to fill out, one for each of my kids. there is an awards ceremony in which i have to make 4 awards for each kid and have them printed and ready to go. the ceremony is tuesday morning at 8:15. yucko. we have to do a book audit and stack them against a wall in our room in a certain order. they will be taken away and then, returned to be stored in our room. why taken away and returned? no idea. i have to put all of my saved doc notes, parents notes, tardy slips and go home early slips into baggies for each of my kids and then put them all together for the ladies in the office. thank goodness i've been organizing most of them all year into specific files. i have to meet with the principals to make classes for next year. i have to meet with kindergarten teachers to talk about my kids for next year and then second grade teachers to talk about my kids from this year. i have to fill out and sign the final paperwork for students being promoted, placed or retained for next year. i have to put in grades and print out report cards and get all of the rest of the stuff taken care of.

geez. i'm tired from just writing about that.

on the other hand, i'm really enjoying these last few days with my kiddos right now. this has been my best class so far and while they were not ever perfect, they were pretty stinkin sweet. that does not mean, however, that i want to keep them for any time longer than 9 days.

anyway, point being 9 days to go.

milky way sauce

about 3 weeks ago michael and i visited our friends greg and sascha while we were in the metroplex for dad's graduation.

it was a heavenly visit. greg and sascha are friends of michael's from south africa and are now friends of mine. yeah! they are so fun and sooo nice.

(side note: my feet are in michael's lap as i type and he is, i believe, subconsciously giving me a message. it's great.)

each time that we have stayed with greg ans sasch, they have been incredibly sweet. our stay has been so comfortable and we've been well fed. our last stay, they made a huge dinner of steak and chicken and a few authentic south african side dishes. it was all so delicious.

well, at the end of this meal in which i thought i could eat no more, sascha stuck a milky way candybar and some heavy cream into a saucepan. it melted beautifully and was then spooned over vanilla ice cream.

holy moly.

this is apparently a tradition in south africa as well, but instead of a milky way, it is made with a bar one. i don't know what that is but if it could possibly be better than this milky way sauce, then i would probably die if i had any. geez.

needless to say, michael and i have had this bowl of yummy goodness a few times since coming home. at this very moment, he is begging me for more. because i continue to sit, he accuses me of "just now caring anymore."

it's true. as i write this blog i just do not care anymore. however, in a few seconds i will definitely care and i will make my way to the kitchen for milky way sauce and vanilla ice cream.

you should try it. you really should.

the sad thing is

that the spurs or the lakers will be in the finals. that is definite. and boring. sad and boring and definite.

but i, being the positive person that i am, can find the good in any bleak situation. as long as the spurs keep winning, i get to keep wearing jeans to work.

go spurs go.

go spurs...


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

computer down, life on hold

so, about two weeks ago i sat down to turn on my computer to read and blog. it wouldn't turn on. the power cord is not getting power to the computer. i don't know what's wrong with it. i don't know if it's going to be getting fixed. all i know is that the dumb thing is broken.

don't worry though, i put my life on hold just so you wouldn't miss anything! :)

okay, seriously, i haven't been able to snag michael's computer away from him working on a day that i felt up for blogging. it's been a rough time trying to coordinate this special day.

it could be that for the near future, my posts will be few and far between. i apologize now.

i will say this:

  • i only have 14 more days of school
  • our house has a rock/siding covered exterior, textured walls, a mantle over the fireplace, cabinets in in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, baseboards and windowsills installed, doors in, and crown molding in the ceiling pop-ups in the game room and our bedroom
  • only 14 more days of school
  • our mega-travel-time-summer has begun. we haven't been home for a weekend in 3 weeks and from a look at the calendar right now, we'll only be here for 2 weekends in the next two months. the month of july is looking a little iffy too, but we close on our house then, so i'm looking forward to being here as much as possible! :)
  • only 14 more days
  • from the outside looking in, i've turned to the dark side. the spurs are in the playoffs and my principal said that for everyday the spurs play, we get to have a jeans day as long as we are wearing a spurs shirt. the day she announced that, i went to target and purchased a spurs shirt. the next day, as i said goodbye to michael, he looked at me from his half-asleep state and groggily said, "traitor." i couldn't argue so i walked away with my head hung in shame. in my heart, the mavs live on.
  • 14 more days
  • i hate laundry from the very depths of my soul. HATE IT!
  • 14 days
  • 14

other than that, my life has been and will remain in neutral until my next post. completely on hold...just for you.