Saturday, February 28, 2009


yesterday when checking my email, this was in my inbox: "your pregnancy: 16 weeks". i get an update each week on sessie from baby center. each week, i tell michael about the developments going on with our baby. he always excitedly says, "yea, baby!" while never taking his eyes from the golf channel.

this morning while sitting upstairs, watching the golf channel i pull open the email and tell michael that sessie is now the size of an avocado. he turns to me and says, "like...a haas avocado?!" well, that i don't know but from crown to rump...he/she is 4.5 inches long. i explain that and he responds, "oh! sessie can no longer fit in a golf hole. the cup is only 4 1/4 inches!"

he's getting it. in his own, completely michael way, he is understanding a little more about his baby. :)

and, just so you know, last week we had another appt. baby's heartbeat is loud and clear and strong. we can find out what color to paint the nursery on march 26th!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's begun

the shocked eyes followed by, "when are you due?!"

it's okay, i know my tummy is bigger than a lot of people when they're 14 weeks pregnant. i don't know that i really care.

let's face it, i had a belly before sessie started taking up room, but's different. and i like it. no, i'm no showing it off and super proud...yet. but, i like it. i don't care how many times my librarian scoffs and talks about how good it feels to just eat what you want. ha!

so yes...sessie seems to be growing just fine in there. i am into the maternity clothes my sister and friend passed on to me as soon as they found out i was expecting. i started the pants pretty early because being as sick as i was, i could not imagine putting tight pants around my belly. blah! i did finally give in and buy a few more pairs of pants. having one pair makes it hard to support an everyday wear lifestyle. :)

my morning sickness has seemed to revive itself a bit the past two weeks. mornings and evenings have been a little rough. don't worry, it does not even come close to what i was feeling a month ago. praise Jesus!!

our next appointment is feb 24th. i'm hoping we'll be able to talk about the sonogram that will, hopefully, reveal the gender of our little sessie. i've been thinking girl. michael has been thinking girl. seph, marme, nanny, and a ton of other people think girl. dad, landon and mandy have said boy from day one. either way...we win! :)

at close to 15 weeks prego, we're doing great!

Friday, February 13, 2009

terrible two's??? never for this one...

happy birthday to my sweet ellie belle. you are the light of my life and i have never met anything as sweet or as smart as you. :) i hope you are having a great first day at being 2 years old! i miss you like crazy but will hopefully be able to see you later today. uncle mike and i are coming to town for your birthday on valentine's day. it's the day to show love and i can't think of a better way to do that then be with you to give you a big hug and kiss! :)
i love you sweet girl,
auntie jo

Monday, February 9, 2009

pinball brain

it couldn't be my 2.5 hour nap from earlier that is forbidding sleep to come to me now...but something is.

whatever it is, my brain feels a lot like a pinball machine. i can hardly focus on one thought before i jump to another. annoying.

  • hmmm...this new mattress sure is comfy.
  • "would michael please stop hitting that soft golf ball upstairs!"
  • is anything as precious as my baby niece and nephew?
  • eggs, bacon and toast may be too heavy a supper for this pregnant lady...
  • i wonder if my dresser will ever be cleaned off again
  • michael better not forget to take out the trash (he never does. why even worry.)
  • my dad is the coolest dad anyone could ever have.
  • do not text mom. it is too late.
  • yummy. banana bread sure does sound good.
  • must drink more water.
  • must put lotion on newly bathed feet.
  • i CANNOT wait to find out what my baby love is going to be. girl? boy?
  • i do not want to go to school tomorrow
  • lotion?! anywhere near?!
  • michael! stop hitting that ball! his nyquill going to kick in anytime soon?
  • if i wear a red shirt on thursday i can wear jeans too. it's jump rope for heart day!
  • thank goodness for bland cherrios (not even honey nut). you are saving my life each and every morning.
  • man...this new mattress is awfully comfy.
  • i wonder if i read my sister's texts correctly after my my other sister getting new furniture?
  • LOTION?!
  • tomorrow, i vow to do a load of laundry. probably. maybe.
  • ellie's arms folded on her high chair during her video watching pa preach are the sweetest arms i've ever seen...sigh...
  • 54 minutes past bedtime...still awake

Sunday, February 8, 2009

how long does "warming up" take?!

i've been trying to get michael to scan in our newest picture of sessie (from two weeks ago) so that i could finally post it and make my sisters and mom happy.

after turning the scanner/printer on 34 minutes ago, it continues to say that it is "warming up."

oh well, maybe i can get it done tomorrow...

you might be surprised to know...

i finally took the decorations off our christmas tree yesterday.

yup. february 7th.

it took a while to talk myself into getting all those things off that tree, but i did have a fabulous time putting the 136 ornaments into my new ornament tubs (you know those divider ones). now, i get to throw away the ton of boxes the ornaments came in. fun!

things i've been crying at lately...

  • jules finding me in the bathroom because she wanted me to pet her (this usually gets on my nerves. big time.)
  • marme's post for landon on his 29th bday.
  • seph's post for landon on his 29th bday.
  • "he's just not that into you" the movie.
  • realizing how much my baby brother must have enjoyed his time with mom.
  • the naming of the winner of the dog show i'd only been watching for about a minute and half.
  • michael lying in bed after having his wisdom teeth out.
  • my kids acting like hoodlums all week.
  • a little boy brandon who was so sick on our field trip on tuesday that he started crying as soon as his dad got there to pick him up. remember when only mom or dad could make you feel better??
  • when jon and kate plus their eight moved out of their house full of memories. she said, "it's not the house that is important. it is the memories you make in the house that are important."
  • reading emails from my dad while he is away in argentina. i'm so proud of him!
  • just to name a few...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

happy birthday big brother

all through our growing up years, my big brother was to me, exactly what every big brother should be to a little sister, my hero. landon was there for me from itty bitty until now. he paved the way through school and watched over me with an eagle eye. thanks big brother, you are the best.

happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear lando,
happy birthday to you!

i love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day today on your birthday. LOVE YOU !

a very greatful thanks

michael smiled and sunk lower in his chair as he read everyone's comments about his fanny pack(except adam's. i'm not letting him see yours). it was pretty funny!!!

it was exactly what i thought it would be. a funny point prover. :) so, thanks everyone for putting in your two sense and saying exactly what i expected! ha! poor guy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a very serious poll

okay, there has been an ongoing argument since michael and i have known each other. now, it's your turn to put in your two sense.

now, to make this vote fair, i must explain the reason it all began. here goes:

as you well know, michael's family lives in south africa and new zealand. he has traveled outside the united states many times, making access to i.d.'s and passports pretty important. to make sure he always knows where his important paperwork is located and is within reach, he...wears a fanny pack.

yes, a fanny pack.

now, in march michael and i will make our first international trip together. we'll be headed to new zealand for my sister-in-law's wedding. for the trip, i've suggested a man bag. you know, the across-the-chest-over-the shoulder type. i explained that i'm just looking out for him. i don't want him to be made fun of by old people. :)

so, can you weigh in? when i asked if i should post a poll on my blog, he said that if it were posted fairly and i explained what the fanny pack purpose was, he would read and....and listen. so, friends...speak. comment and be honest. this could save a marriage from a lifetime of argument on this particular subject. and if i'm wrong, and you say the fanny pack is in fact, ahem, cool to wear...i will listen too...i guess. oh, you can also let us know if you have any other suggestions.

thanks in advance for your time in this matter. :)