Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 months

your ninth month of life has been fun. i think each new month is my favorite.

you chose today, your bday to start crawling forward!!! you've been going backwards and sideways for a long time. today you just took off like you've been doing it for ages. so cute! you've also been pulling up on everything like crazy. ottomans, tables, mama's legs...whatever! daddy and i are both so proud of you. i'm sure our life is only getting more crazy from here.

you talk a lot. you laugh a lot. you point and smile and giggle. your daddy is quickly becoming your most favorite person. if he puts you down and walks away, you cry and cry. i'll take this chance to remind you that boys are supposed to be "mama's boys". i do and will continue to fully expect you to conform to that stereotype. i'll also teach you this very important saying, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." keep that in mind, my love.

you still give super sweet kisses. sometimes you even give them without being asked for one. cutie! you love to kiss my nose. which, you know is a nose, btw. when asked, "where is mama's nose?" you point to it with your little finger. smart guy!

your nine month stats:
weight: 18.6 lbs - 50%
height: 28 3/4 inches - 50%
head circumference: 18 1/4 inches -75%

totally in awe of your daddy. you watch him wherever he goes.

gettin' ready to move forward!

following in the footsteps of your cousin, gray, you love playing with spoons and tupperware.

you're starting early in your love for electronics. if my computer is open, you're going for it.

we've spent some good time at mamo's and you are completely in love with her.

bathtime is still fun. especially now that you get to sit up all by yourself. such a big boy!

we love you and are looking forward to a lifetime more of this!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

making the dirty clean

it's often the cleaning you don't automatically notice that makes me feel better. things like taking everything off my kitchen counters, cleaning and polishing the granite. really cleaning the backsplash. sweeping the baseboards. dusting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. putting outgrown baby clothes into categorized bins. dusting the blinds and cleaning the windows.

those are just a few of the things i've been doing today.

however, my couch still looks like it did yesterday:

why is the putting away of clean, folded clothes always the hardest part?!

Monday, May 3, 2010


solitaire on my computer is quite obviously rigged and i HATE IT!


today has just been one of those days.


i was mad when md woke up at 8am, his usual time. i sucked it up and we had a great morning except for his crankiness and my less-than-abundant amount of patience. he seemed tired all morning until i finally laid him down at his regular nap time. then he cried and cried and whined and whined until i went in to spank (ha. yeah right) him, rewrap him and give him his sassi. michael followed me in and rocked him to sleep. he slept only a little more than an hour.

all through his lunch, he gagged on green bean casserole and swatted at the spoon. he ate some chicken from my ravioli but refused to ever swallow it. i was severely annoyed.

at nap time no. 2, he cried and cried and cried again until his daddy went in and again got him to sleep (he's just waking again, btw, 43 mins later...).

i'm on edge and i don't necessarily think it's from him. it's just one of those days i guess. i feel like venting to you, oh blog of mine, and i can't even vent properly. i can't...i don't even have the clear thoughts spoken to type here with my hands and in my mind...see?!