Monday, January 19, 2009


i have got to be the luckiest girl ever! my dear friend just came to spend 3 entire days at my house! there weren't any kids, hardly any husbands and not very much else requiring our attention.

friday night we spent talking in the living room with the tv as background noise.

saturday, jenny was able to sleep until 10am! i think that's quite different from her normal schedule! we watched a movie until we eventually got ready for the day. we headed out for pizza hut (which was amazing!) and a viewing of australia (which was equally amazing!). after the movie, michael made us an amazing dinner of steaks, some delicious potatoes he invented, fried eggplant, garlic bread and fresh corn on the cob! holy moly! we finished the night with another movie and a lot more talking!

sunday we hung out forever until finally making a quick trip to the grocery store where jenny ran in to get a few things for making her insane bean burritos! (man, it sounds like we did a lot of eating!) we watched another movie that we both fell asleep in the middle of so finally turned it off and went to bed.

she got up this morning, got ready and headed for home. it was the best weekend ever! i mean, who gets to hang out like that very often?

thanks for leaving your family for the weekend to hang out with your old friend! i had the best time and it was exactly what i needed! you're the best and i love you!

crying over commercials

there is a new gerber commercial where parents are saying vowes to their unborn babies.

oh my word.

do they realize there are very emotional people sitting around watching tv who are suddenly bombarded with this commercial?!?!?!

people, don't make this harder than it already is...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a great weekend

we had a great weekend visit and christmas with the family. mom and dad came in on wednesday evening. landon, sarah and the babies and matt and mandy came on friday evening. it was a wonderful experience except for the fact that i felt incredibly nauseous, mandy had some kind of stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down and grayson and ellie were both sick and didn't sleep well. other than that, we all had a great time together.

my family took good care of me and made me infinitely happy by just being near. before leaving on monday, my mom cleaned my house. i mean, it was picked up before they all got here, but i didn't have the energy to clean clean. my mom even hung clean towels all nice and neat in our bathroom. i know she worked so hard and i could never express my gratitude. i almost cried when i walked in after school and smelled pinesol. it just smelled so clean and fresh and wonderful. thanks mama, you are the best.

the past two days at school have been just about like my past two weeks have been. blah. the good thing is that i told all of my teammates the news so they all understand now and hopefully won't think i'm too much of a baby.

a few weeks ago jenny told me to be prepared to start doing stupid stuff like putting my car keys in the freezer. i haven't done anything like that yet but tonight michael definitely proved that he's having sympathy pregnancy stupidity. we looked all over for the remote for the downstairs tv. a few minutes after i gave up, he walks into the bathroom smiling. he put the remote in the pantry while getting a snack earlier today. hehe. i'm sure he can't wait until i start doing stuff like that.

other than that, things are pretty normal here and now i'm ready for bed. goodnight all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...

i can't believe it's 2009!

for some reason, it feels like it's gonna be a life changing year! :)

happy new year everyone! hope it's a great one!