Monday, October 19, 2009

eh...what's up, doc...

normal sized band aids stuck to tiny legs end up looking GIGANTIC, in turn, making mama's who watched their babies get stuck with needles feel even worse.

other than a little bit of fussiness so far...he's still smilin' and he still loves me. thank goodness...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

month 2

you are 2 months old today. as i know every mom has said, how on earth can you be 2 months old? on earth have you only been in my life for 2 months? it seems you have always been. you, michael david, are life to my soul.

at two months old, you smile and coo with the best of them. you can make anyone's day better by smiling at them. in fact, just a couple of weeks ago, you brought your aunt sarah to tears by talking to her and smiling into her eyes. your eyes are so bright and deep. it's been said by more than one person that it seems you are "seeing into the depths of their soul". you can definitely see into the depths of mine. you make me infinitely happy.

you are so much better at life these days and really seem to enjoy yourself. you love playing with daddy by laughing at his antics and going on walks in the stroller. you squeal at your rattle, grin at your frog toy from mamie and alex, and flirt with ceiling fans.

you love to sleep in your swing during your morning nap. you still require a swaddle and it doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees outside...blanket tight around you is what you want. of course, being outside is just about the best thing in your world. you would live out there if i let you.

bath time is now a regular staple in our house. it doesn't matter how tired you are, your blue bathtub, warm water and rubber ducky can bring on your smiles. it's fun to see how much you've changed from your first aversion to water. of course, back then you were lying on the counter getting sponge baths. you were probably freezing!

you slept through the night for the first time 2 nights ago. i put you to bed at 10:45pm and you didn't wake up once until 6:15am. however, for a few nights before then and each night since then as well, you've gotten up once for your pacifier before waking to eat. it seems that 7-7.5 hrs is what you like to sleep for the night. you sleep in your own room upstairs, and have for about a month now. you like it cold and dark with a tight swaddle and your fan and cd player on. you then eat breakfast and head back to sleep for another 1.5-2 hrs. it's heaven, just so you know. your mama loves to sleep!

daddy and i took you for your 2 month appointment. you smiled and talked to dr. bacuta and showed her how you can lift your head while on your tummy. although, you do hate tummy time and have no problem telling us that! here are your stats from your appointment:

weight: 11 lbs 11 oz - 50th %
height: 23 3/4 inches - 90th %
head measurement: 40 cm - 75th %
you also got 4 immunizations today. 1 by mouth and 3 shots. you cried hard. you cried like we'd just broken your heart. daddy put you in my arms as soon as they were done, but he didn't like it and took you right back, swaddling you and walking you outside. by the time i joined you boys by the car, you were almost asleep on daddy's shoulder. i'm sorry we had to do that but they all help keep you healthy. besides, we're gonna have to do it again in another 2 months.
here some pictures to commemorate your 2 month birthday:
bath time fun! look at that beautiful skin!
we have the same routine when you get out of the bathtub: dry & cuddle, lotion, diaper, q-tip the ears (which you love and get very still for), pj's, nestles & brushing for your hair. plus-singing a few songs about Jesus.

then, you love to cuddle with daddy before getting sleepy.

you are so big in your car seat and sleep in there nicely.

until, of course, mama wakes you up with her camera. sorry about that...

you have discovered your hands and mouth. you do a lot of spitting and slobbering these days. but that is nothing compared to this...

your new talent of blowing bubbles! how perfect!

michael david, i love you desperately.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

sleep, going once...twice...

sold to the lady with the 2 month old baby boy!

the past few nights, michael david has been sleeping so well. he's gone to bed around 10pm, wakes around 3:30 to which i respond by giving him his pacifier, wakes around 6am to eat and then sleeps again until 8am.

last night...ALL NIGHT LONG!!! 10:45pm-6:15am without a wake for the paci!!! i fed him then he went back to sleep until 8:15!

michael david slept 7.5 hours in a row! i slept for 6.5 hours in a row! what a great, great night!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ceiling fan flirt

this morning, md woke about 8am. i got him up, fed him and then took him in to see daddy. we laid in the bed chit chatting for a good while. when daddy got up, md and i stayed there and giggled and cooed some more.

at one point, i couldn't hold his attention. instead, he was falling in love with the ceiling fan. he kept smiling and ducking his head, looking away then looking back. he'd talk to me for a minute then go back to his love and smile away. it was pretty darn cute.

although, last night during his bath i told him that when he turned 57 he could have his first girlfriend. i guess ceiling fans will be the only thing he can flirt with until then...

because mama said so!

Monday, October 12, 2009

sunday success

michael and i got to sit through an entire church service yesterday at our beloved cmc!

we got there a little after worship started and were seated on the aisle where michael placed md's carseat facing the stage. we were pretty far back, but apparently md thought the pastor was talking to him and he happily chatted back before settling down to listen to God's word. he drifted off to sleep just as we were dismissed. perfect timing. ha!

michael david usually loves the loud music and starts to fuss when the preaching starts. i know next sunday could be back to that but i was happy to have a day to focus only on God. it was a wonderful feeling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the art of a good stretch

the feet...

the stretch begins...and back down...

the smile...

may not be invited back

when we were in san angelo last weekend, jerry and crystal had us over for dinner. towards the end of the evening, i laid michael david on their couch for a quick diaper change. should've known better. that kid had only peed during a diaper change twice up to that point. why should he have then? who knows...but he did. peed all over crystal's nice couch. thank goodness it was leather. she handled it very well and even laughed on her way to grab a papertowel, making me feel much better. :)

problem was (well, problem no. 2) i had just used our "extra outfit" from the diaper bag the day before and hadn't replaced it. michael david hung out the rest of the evening and the drive home in his diaper and blanket. he cuddled just a bit with uncle mattie before having a bath and heading to bed.

look at uncle mattie's face...
you don't think he's smitten at all, do ya?!
it's amazing how a niece or nephew can make you feel. big ol' sap!
and...i love the way md is holding mattie's finger in all these pictures!

do you see what i see?

look closely...can you see it?
how about now?
ah! there it is! a praying mantis!

jules and i spent some time in the sun in our front yard yesterday. i looked over to one of my favorite plants and found this little guy. how fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sweet contentment

is there anything sweeter than watching your baby boy wrapped tightly in his green blanket, asleep in his swing, sucking happily on his green and white sasa?

i say no.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

cow says "moooo"

michael david loves his bathtime. he was so sweet and cuddly last night in his calf towel from aunt mush. be still my heart...

pumpkin patch play date

on wednesday, michael david and i met our great friends at a local pumpkin patch. we hung out in the shade and enjoyed the conversation and crying. :)

md enjoying the warm outside weather and the beautiful, orange pumpkins!

miller and michael david.
she is 10 days younger than md and has the sweetest cheeks on the planet!
happy jude!

cookie-eatin', one-shoe-wearin' bella. what a doll!

melissa & jude, rikki & miller. both fathers of these babies are in the military and are in training before being deployed for the 2nd time. what amazing women!

sadly, and i don't know how, i never got a picture of maria, bella's mama. she's a sweet gal expecting her 2nd baby in about 7 months!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

spur of the moment

tuesday afternoon, i'm sitting in my chair with michael david when my phone rings. it's mom. she asks if i wanna come see her and i chipperly answer yes! she says that john and maggie are driving through town and said they'd pick us up and bring us to her. i talked to michael quickly and he thought it would be a good idea too. we decided to go!

john and maggie were already past our exit but kindly turned around to get us! i threw my stuff and michael david's stuff in two suitcases and we loaded up all of our junk and hit the road. from start to finish, the whole process from phone call to pulling away from the house took about 3o mins! that's a fast pack i must say!

everything was going pretty well except that yesterday michael wouldn't sleep. i tried everything. he took about three 20 min naps all day. i finally figured out today that the swing here at mamo's was not set up quite like his at home. i adjusted it and after his bath this morning...SLEEPING! today is already looking up!

last night we spent some time with jenny and her boys. we always try and get together to celebrate our birthdays since they're so close. mason told me all about school and grant always loves when we come over. he finds michael david's carseat incredibly entertaining. michael david enjoyed the visit but because he was so sleepy, he made our conversations a big challenging. i fed him about 9:30 and we left there about 10:30. mamo put him in bed about 11:00 and he slept until 4:30! praise the Lord! he woke up to eat again at 6:45 and then woke once again about 8:00. at that time i put him in bed with me and he slept until 9:45. all of that sleep was greatly needed by us both. we're each in much better moods today!

before heading to jenny's last night, we stopped by the church to see aunt sarah, ellie and gray. those are the sweetest babies ever! ellie and gray both loved on michael and gave him kisses. they are such dolls. i can't believe how big they both are. after holding gray and singing to him for a little while, michael felt like a feather. those babies just make my day every time i see them. it's so fun to be an aunt!

michael will be coming in today or tomorrow. we're getting michael david dedicated by dad at church on sunday. the best part about that is that he will be wearing a christening gown that has been worn by everyone in michael's family for 3 generations. it's so special!

as far as spur of the moment plans go...this trip is pretty darn great!