Monday, June 29, 2009

82 degrees...inside

the unexplainable happened tonight. our air conditioner is broken. it'll blow, but it's obviously not cooling. our thermostat downstairs now shows 82 degrees. upstairs is 85.

lately, i've been sleeping at 72 degrees. 72 or lower.

at this point, we are upwards 10 degrees people and that number seems to be rising. it could be an incredibly long night for this 8 month pregnant lady.

Friday, June 19, 2009

talk about a fool

i've seen the movie "fools rush in" about 100 thousand times. it never fails, i cry every time.

every single time.

feeling super duper prego

today marks 32 weeks of pregnancy.

i feel every single day of it. the sad thing is i know i still have 2 months to go. eekk.

my belly is definitely getting bigger. it's tight all the time. it feels like i have a 20 lb weight strapped to the front of me. unlike normal weights, however, this one can jump around, roll around, kick, punch and knock my insides around like crazy. and, every move is clearly visible from the outside.

my back hurts. i'm unbelievably hot. my fingers and feet have days of being swollen. i cannot sleep through the night. i will wake up at random hours and just lay there with my eyes trained on the ceiling. even my trick of pretending i'm driving and forcing my eyes to stay open doesn't work. each time i need to turn over, i must wake and adjust multiple pillows and blankets and my protruding tummy, all of which serve to make me even hotter.

it takes a little extra effort to get into my car or to bend over and pick something up. i ran errands yesterday and felt like i could have given birth when i got home.

at my dr appt a few weeks ago, i was found to be a little anemic. pretty normal i guess, i but i've had to start taking an iron supplement on top of my prenatal pill. i feel like a medicine cabinet each night. along with the iron and prenatal pills, i also take an extra dose of folic acid. most nights can now also include 3-5 tums tablets (my new best friends) and quite possibly some tylenol. nice.

my doc appt on tuesday showed that i've gained 13 lbs so far and am measuring at 32 cm. i have no idea what that means, but apparently it's about normal...i guess. and finally, someone else is realizing how much this kid moves. each time the doctor finds his heartbeat, he immediately moves around and he and the doctor play a little game of follow the leader. i think she usually wins. he'll finally sit still long enough for us to get a good measurement on his heart rate and listen to the sweet sound of it. what a doll he is.

nursery furniture is all in and next week while mom, mandy and seph are here...i'm hoping to wrangle them into some design ideas and paint help. :) before then though, is my baby shower in san angelo! i am so excited about this thing! all i know about it is that it's at 7:30 and at miss hattie's museum. so different and so cool! i can't wait!

i guess that about sums it up for now. i better go find something to eat. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

gray gray's visit

mom, sarah and gray came down a couple of weeks ago for some much needed relaxation time. he was an absolute angel while he was here. here are gray and mamo and jules hanging out in the sunday morning sun.

is he not the sweetest thing on this planet?! geez...

what's killing me now...

this was delivered two days ago. it's the baby's first piece of furniture! michael and i decided it would be best to leave it in the box until we get it upstairs so it doesn't get damaged on the move up.

let me remind you that i am a pregnant woman. i couldn't help lift this box if i wanted to. hopefully we'll be able to move it soon. i'm dying to see this thing! plus, i got a call this morning saying the rest of the furniture is in at the store and ready to be picked up. i hope i can stick to the deal and not open this box...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

hidden talent

i am, apparently, phenomenally talented in ways i didn't even know.

since moving into our home 11 months ago, we've painted 5 rooms:

  • the family room - studio taupe
  • the game room - exile
  • the master bedroom - something i can't remember right now khaki
  • the bathroom - another name i can't remember that was supposed to be brown

and finally

  • the dining room - knapweed

we looked through our giant book of paint chips. we bought paint for the dining room with the plan of getting a color nice enough and neutral enough to continue up the stairway and finish off the rest of the upstairs (excluding bedrooms). we bought 5 gallons of knapweed. and...we painted.

michael and i are good paint buddies. i use the roller and cover a lot of area. he tapes and edges. he's amazing at that and there is never any paint where it shouldn't be. last night, i painted until my tummy hurt and then i let michael finish.

where's the hidden talent you ask? oh yes, seems that no matter what color i choose, as soon as it goes on the wall, it looks GREEN! oh yes, my entire house is green. light green, dark green, it doesn't matter. it's all GREEN!!!

who on earth could choose from hundreds of paint colors over almost a year and choose 5 different colors of green?!?!?!?!

maybe i should play the lotto...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

not a tear in sight

with most of my room packed and no planning to do for next year, i was kind of just sitting around most of the day. it was game day for my kids and our lunchtime party consisted of pizza and ice cream sundaes. it was great.

by the end of the day though, i was ready to be done. i gave my normal end of the year speech about loving them and remembering them forever. and...i honestly will. i do love those kids. i will miss them.

but right now, i'm looking forward to the changes in life and being done with work for a while. i hugged everyone with special words and sent them on their ways.

i didn't cry a single time.

as my mom says, "...then it's time..."

i agree.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


today is tuesday and i have two, count them, TWO days left of school.

my room is about cleared out. today, i started taking down all of my things from my big math wall. it was depressing. but also really exciting!

i'm walking into a new phase in my life. stay-at-home-mom is going to be different for me. it's exciting and scary and wonderful. i'll have this summer to relax, hang with michael's sister, and get things a little more organized around here. i'm definitely looking forward to that!

for now...i have TWO days left of school.