Tuesday, March 30, 2010

goin' crazy, crazy, crazy...

because all my son does is whine. whine. whine6............t(and type on my laptop). whine.

i don't know if he's teething or has a tummy ache or...what, but geez!!!

i can't do a single thing because he wants to be held (but still continues to whine). God forbid i try and walk into the kitchen or out of his sight for a split second.

to make matters worse, i am babysitting 3 month old kylah today. she's been able to stay asleep for the most part, but his whining has to be getting on her nerves too. cause let's face it, she needs to eat and have her diaper changed too.

and...spit up. spit up. spit. up. it's everywhere. and yesterday, lots of poop.

maybe it is a tummy ache...i've done everything i know to do so i guess it's just hang in there 'till this clears up and gives me back my sweet baby boy (who has somehow escaped his body and gone somewhere without me).

update: after easter weekend in san angelo and a nice fever while we were there, i took md to the doctor upon our return home. no ear infection. doesn't seem to be teething. dr. bacuta thinks it was a minor viral infection of some kind. he seems to be getting better each day. i guess all that baby orajel wasn't really needed after all. oh well!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

south african pride

michael got this awesome south africa onsie from aunt tammie and amy at our baby shower. he's finally wearing it. and wearing it well, i might add!

way to be proud of your heritage, buddy!

as i took picture after picture of michael, jules sat so pretty watching me. i finally aimed the camera at her and she looked right at me until the camera snapped. i think she wanted to be a part of south african pride day too!

good girl, julsie!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

baby sittin' with a babysitter...

michael david stayed with a sitter for the first time tonight. whah!

brittanie was referred to us by our neighbors. she teaches their 2 year old daughter at daycare. brittanie is a sweet and outgoing girl who was more than comfortable hanging with md. must have been a pretty easy night, we left at 6:45 and his bedtime is 8pm. not too bad.

i remember the things i did when i was a sitter so it made me happy to come home to a clean house. dirty dishes were put in the dishwasher and dirty clothes were folded on the bathroom counter after bath time.

michael david did well and so did i, believe it or not. but don't worry, i did think about him just about the whole time i was out. it's nice to know that we can now occasionally go out and michael david can still be in bed on time.

i'm sure he had a nice time but missed me more than anything. he just loves me so, you know? he just really does...

mason and michael

over spring break, jenny, her boys and her mom came to san antonio for visit. during the day, the did their thing and then we all got to hang out in the evenings.

it's been a while since i've been able to hang out with mason. every time i am over for a visit, he has his own buddies over for a visit. it was so fun to be with him again and see him with michael david. they loved each other so! mason is a phenomenal big brother to grant and seemed perfectly at ease playing with and helping to take care of michael.

michael watched every move mason took. he laughed and played and played and laughed. it was a fun bond to watch grow.

the most delicious salad

marme came to see us a couple of weeks ago. while here, she stuck my her usual mantra of taking care of her family. she made us a delicious salad with pasta. the most delicious salad i've had possibly...ever, had all of my favorite eats. plus-a delicious drizzle of a garlic/crushed red pepper oil i made. yummy! pretty gorgeous too, wouldn't you say?!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

month 7

you, my darling child, are more than half a year old, now. whew. it's been a whirlwind. a beautiful, crazy, nonstop whirlwind.

at 7 months, you love baby mum mum's. they're a rice cracker that you love to feed yourself. i look at you in your chair eating your cracker and you smile the biggest smile. i think you are very proud of your independence. so cute! you eat everything else i offer you too. one of your other favs is sucking on a slice of apple, with supervision of course. you also drink water from mine or daddy's glass with excitement. i got you your first sippy cup the other day and you love it! you haven't mastered the art of holding it, tipping it and drinking from it all at the same time yet, but you'll get it.

you're great a sitting up and playing with your toys. you still have the occasional tip over but with great aim. your head usually lands perfectly on top of a hard and hurtful toy. :/

the best attempt you could give me at crawling...ha!

you've been taking one nap a day. ONE NAP A DAY! it's been a good 2.5-3.5 hour nap, but still...ONE NAP A DAY! nighttime is usually 8pm-8:30am with a wake-up-and-eat intermission at 5am. not so bad darling boy, not so bad.

as we've expanded your eating repertoire, you've started to get a tiny bit picky. well, honestly you still eat just about everything offered to you. you've just started to not love peas. you also hate chicken noddle and mac and cheese. i'm sure you'll like the adult version later, but the stuff out of that jar is just apparently gross! you love everything else though!

one thing i really love about you right now is how excited you get over the small things. for instance, if i'm holding you and walk up to the hutch above your dresser, you look at it with such excitement. you start kicking your legs, reaching out, grinning and breathing hard. it is so cute!

some adjectives i'd use to describe you right now: super-duper sweet, flirty, cute, mamattached, blond, tall, skinny, fun-loving, laid back, curious, and so many more.

going for a walk in the great outdoors.

and boy, do you love your mamo. i'm pretty sure she loves you too.

happy month 7, my baby. you make life worth living.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

happy anniversary: year 3

today michael and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary. 3 years seems like a long time until i compare it to how long michael and i have been married. it seems like he's always been a part of my life. i cannot, CANNOT, imagine my life without him.

he won me over easily, when we first met. he is so laid back and funny. i laugh so much with this man. isn't that what relationships are all about? having a little fun?

michael is the kind of man i always pictured i'd have in my life. he is Godly, caring, thoughtful, hardworking, motivated, funny, and laid back. he is an incredible provider for our family and the most amazing father to our baby boy. i know he loves us both so much. each day when he comes home from work, he doesn't even ask for down time, he comes right to us, gives us hello kisses and takes md for some hang out time. he is constant and committed. what a lucky girl i am.

tonight, michael surprised me by having our neighbors, jeremy and sarah, babysit for us. he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that contained 3 red roses. "one for each year," he says. i got a gorgeous pandora charm for my bracelet and a card in which he ripped out what was printed in it and wrote his own thoughts. nothing could make me happier. we celebrated with dinner at the cypress grill in boerne. it was delicious and oh so wonderful to spend some quality time with my man.

you are my love, my life. my world is better because you are a part of it. thank you for loving me all those years ago. you are an amazing man and i couldn't ever wish for me. thank you for always taking care of me and our son. he loves you more than anything. i love to watch his face light up when he hears your voice or sees you after a long day of being without you. you make us both so happy and we are so blessed to have you. thank you for being the leader of our home. you are amazing. i love you more than you can ever imagine. what a wonderful 3 years it has been. i can't wait for the next 42 million. ;) happy anniversary!

Monday, March 8, 2010


michael's cousin adrian, and his wife rosie came to see us a few weeks ago. adi is from south africa but has been in new zealand for the past 15 years or so. that's where he met his gorgeous gal, rosie. they were on their way home from africa and decided to make it a round-the-world trip in which they could stop and see friends and family. we only got to see them for about a day and a half, but it feels like i've known them forever. i miss them terribly, already!

adi and rosie didn't meet md until the morning after their first night's stay. in one look, they were all in love with each other. it was so sweet to see them together. whenever md would go to one of them, they just seemed to all fall in together, loving, cuddling and giggling. it did my heart good to finally see md with some of our relatives from across the globe.

plus-while they were here, adi downloaded some old family pics to my computer. they are stunning and i hope to share some of them soon. rosie knew so much history on the family and i was happy to sit and listen to all the stories they had to share. sigh...what a wonderful visit. i can't wait to see them again!

here are some pics of the beautiful couple!

yogurt is a go for md

md had yogurt for the first time today. he loved it so much it actually took him out of his bad mood and made him smile again. it's sweet, lite and cold and, obviously, much enjoyed by my baby boy.

what a good little eater he is!