Thursday, November 29, 2012

half a year!

HOLD THE PHONE! how can you be six months old?! whether i believe it or not, it's true.  you are six months old! congratulations for making it this far! :)

your stats:
18 lbs 12 oz - 89%
27.5" - 93%
18" head - 98%
(you got a lotta brains to hold in that head!)

your doctor's appointment went well this month.  you got your usual shots and also a flu shot.  you're the first one in our family to ever have one of those.  dr. sawyer really thought you should get one though, and daddy was there to agree with him.  sorry about that! i think it probably hurt the worst.  you only cry a few seconds though and as soon as i hold you, you start to calm down.  i cry longer than you do.  whew. that wears me out.  you're such a good girl.  this past month, you were pretty sick and when we finally got to the doctor, you were diagnosed with bronchialitis.  you had to have an antibiotic and breathing treatments for about 5 days.  you took those like a champ.  you even got to where you would fall asleep with that mask on your face.  sorry you were so sick (brother was too:walking pneumonia).  i am glad that is over!

you started sitting up really well just after you turned 5 months old.  i'm so impressed! especially since you sort of moved right past rolling over.  oh, don't be fooled, you CAN roll just won't.  aren't you the particular type.  :) doc says as long as you're sitting as well as you are, there isn't a single reason to worry.  lazy bones.

we just celebrated thanksgiving.  that means nothing really to you cause you didn't get to eat any of the yummy goodness this year.  but you were pretty high on everyone's list of what they were thankful for.  especially mine.  

you still love to nurse and that's about it as far as food goes.  it doesn't really matter cause you've put on some good weight with just milk.  we tried rice cereal and you didn't really care for it.  nor have you liked green beans, carrots or sweet potatoes.  you ate just a few bites of each (with quite the funny face) before totally refusing any more.  i guess we'll try again in the future, but i'm not worried about your health right now.

you love to chew on your "africa" teether from aunt sarah.  toys are special and picking them up and looking at them is very interesting.  you also babble all the time and have started blowing raspberries with your tongue between your gums.  this sound makes your eyes light up! such a fun talent! your favorite word is, "nnnga".  i'm not certain, but i think it means, "i love you, mama. you are so pretty!"

one night this month, you slept. like...all.night. it was the best thing that's happened to me since you were born.  however, you're normal night isn't too bad either.  after a bath and  your night-time-nursing, you lay down in your bed and fall asleep around 8pm.  you wake up to nurse around 2am and then again around 5:30am.  you eat really fast and then go straight back to sleep.  you stay asleep until around 8:00am. way to go, champ! your naps are taking me some getting used to.  seems like they should be longer than 45 mins. but that's your usual. :)

your first halloween you were a ballerina. a cute one. with a gigantic pink flower-bow. cutie-patootie. we went to rock the pumpkin at church. you didn't get any candy. sorry 'bout-cha.

the most awesome thing about your half-year birthday? it was your mere-mere's birthday.  every nov 29th will now be twice as special to your daddy. :)

we're so proud of you and love you so much!