Monday, January 28, 2013

camilla turns 7 months old

today you turned SEVEN months old, and what an amazing 7th month old you are.  :) you are so happy, all the time.  you talk and laugh out loud  and play with your toys. you love to sit up on the floor and watch michael david run around and try to take care of you.  he is a funny big brother.

you love to sleep in your room and have slept through the night a few times.  i mean like, 8pm-8am.  it's soooo incredible. thank you for that! of course, the first time you did it, about a month ago, i told someone about it and then you didn't do it again. you stinker! :) we have had curtains pinned up in your room to help keep it dark, i think one day i'll actually get a curtain rod and make it look pretty! :) you get ready for a nap after being awake for about 2 hours and lay down so easily.  you always have one sassy in your mouth (that you get right before you lay down) and start reaching for another sassy on the way down to your bed.  you switch out your sassy as soon as you lay down, even if you're crying hard.  it's so cute! your naps still last only about 45 mins to an hour but i've learned to accept it and be quite happy with it.  3 naps a day and a good nights sleep.  i love it! and i love you!

your changing table makes you very happy and it's where you do your most talking.  "dadadadada" and spitting bubbles with your tongue between your gums are your most favorite sounds.  you'll even repeat them when daddy or michael say them to you first. you keep us smiling with those sounds.

i'm your favorite person.  i'm not gonna lie, i love it.  if someone else is holding you and you see me, you stare hard at me and whine or cry until i take you.  you like other people too, like daddy and mamo and pa, but you love me the most. thanks for that, btw. 

your hair is starting to come back in.  seems like it's gonna be a light brown.  i don't know if it's gonna curl or not, but you maintain the top poof and the two curly tendrils on either side of your face.  can anyone say UH-dorable?! goodness sakes, i die!

you sit up in the bath (your all time fav activity) sometimes.  but the majority of your baths are still conducted with you in your lounger.  i don't have to worry about you falling face first that way.  plus, you seem super comfortable.

we just celebrated your first christmas.  it was fun! santa brought you a little musical guitar. you love to push the buttons.  you're a natural! other gifts were: clothes, sassies, books, an activity cube from mamo.  the best part of christmas for you, was the paper! hurray for noise!

you make us infinitely happy, mills-tills.  thank you for being such an amazing part of our family! we love you!