Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Month 8

my darling, 8-month-old baby girl, you make my world stand still.  each morning and after each nap, i cannot wait to go to your room, peek over your crib and meet your smiling eyes with mine.  you start shaking your whole body and reaching for me with your tiny, chubby arms.  your sassy is still in your mouth, but you are smiling behind it.  

you nurse when you wake up and about 4 more times during the day.  however, about 2 weeks ago, you suddenly stopped nursing before bed.  we still try, but most nights you would just rather go to bed.  so i kiss you, and pray for you, and lay you down, and watch your immediately switch out your sassy with whichever one you scooped up on your way down to your mattress.  then i turn off your light, close your door, and listen to you talk yourself to sleep.  my heart skips beats listening to you go to sleep so sweetly.  you are consistently sleeping through the night.  there are occasional wake-ups, but most nights, you are down for the count from 8pm-8(ish)am.  love it!

your nursing habits have changed some because about two weeks ago, you suddenly decided you like baby food, or big people food, or whatever you can get someone to put in your mouth.  you'll eat anything i try and give you now.  still no teeth, so that can get a bit tricky when you want a bite of pizza, but anything smashable is fair game.

i've started laying you on your stomach a lot more, you still have it.  rolling over comes more frequently.  you can also basically lay your tummy on your legs to reach a toy while you're sitting up.  just get on your belly and crawl, girl! you'll discover how much fun it is and then you won't stop, i know it!

i'm still your favorite person, but daddy is about the only one who can get you to sleep while he holds you.  you have started to give just a few kisses.  they are few and far between though, and open-mouthed and slobbery.  

the art of making noise is becoming quite the adventure for you.  you take two toys and bang them together and stare at them like you're solving a math equation.  it's funny.  and cute.  and loud.  

you cry when we leave the room and want to be around the action all the time.  but you are so, so happy.  you love to see uncle mattie and touch his face and your cousin ellie makes you smile and dance.

oh, dancing. you've just started a little bounce and sway thing while you're sitting down.  to.die.for.

you love your brother. he loves you even more. he cannot get enough of you.  he is the best brother and always wants to catch you, protect you, give you toys (so you're never gonna crawl), read to you, kiss you and hug you.  if it's sweet, he wants to do it for you.  i'm pretty fond of the way that guy loves you.  i hope you will be as close as i was with my brothers growing up.  if the light in your eyes when you look at him is any indication, i don't think we'll have a problem with that.

thank you for making our lives feel so wonderful and happy.  mama loves you.

today. 8:43am. exactly 40 mins after you were born,8 swift months ago.