Sunday, November 15, 2009

baby boo party

our mom's group had a baby boo party for halloween. the plan was to have all the babies dress up in their halloween costumes but it didn't quite happen. it was such a fun get together, as they always are!

melissa and jude

alli and sophia

rikki and michael david!

yummy mix

mummies! so cute!
there was a lot of other food too but the camera missed it...bummer.

jude brought halloween gifts for all of his buddies.

the kiddos: bella,
sophia, michael david, miller and jude

sophia really love bella's ballerina costume.

sweet cheeks

buddies miller and jude

someone always needs to get annoyed with the camera. if someone doesn't, it means you haven't taken enough pictures. thanks, miller! :)

after the party and a long nap later, md was stylin' in his "i love mummy" onsie and socks!


La said...

what a fun idea! is this group from your church?

I really need to find a mom's group here. there are a lot of stay at home moms just here on our street with young kids. at a neighborhood halloween party we talked about maybe planning a get together for all of us. that would be fun and a great way to minister to them too since i don't think any of them go to church....

kj said...

actually, melissa taught kinder at my school last year and decided to stay home this year too. she started the group. maria worked with us too but rikki and alli were friends of melissa's! it's such a nice thing to look forward to each week!

KayBee said...

It looks like you are really enjoying motherhood :)

I am so happy for your family. Your little booger is adorable.