Sunday, October 26, 2008

decades of david...:)

here is a picture story of dad's 50th bday party. there were so many pictures that i had a hard time choosing. because of that, there are elevendy-million pics here and then i didn't feel like i could organize them very well. we can at least, be witnesses to the family, friends and fun!

birthday boy
taking a big ol' bite of his yummy bbq dinner just playing before the roasting began. this was during the "roast". ellie really felt like she should be the center of attention. :)
dad trying to light the other half of his own "50" year sparkler
dad and mom (and ellie)
and the giant birthday cake! yummy! opening presents
and hugging with kelli. thanks for helping mom set up for the party, kell.
what the decorations looked like. balloons tied to the picture weights of the handsome henry.
matt and buddy jesse. they're weird!
uncle mike and ellie
nanny and me
henry girls
henry family
and the extended family who were able to come
marme and her brothers: terry, wesley and ricky.
ellie belle
jerry, crystal, jacob and casen
nanny and gray
ellie checking out pa's fun hat
and then, giving a smooch!dan and ree and a sneaky sneaker in the background there!
amy, mandy, sarah and me marme and aunt tammie dad showing off the pen we kids got him for making it 50 years!