Monday, October 27, 2008

more precious than gold...

egg nog.

i know some people hate it. can't stand the stuff. they're crazy. friday night, i walked into mom's and she beckoned me to the refrigerator. it took about .24 seconds for my eyes to zero in on the beautiful container of egg nog cooling on the shelf.

matthew, michael and i shared our first glass of egg nog for 2008. it was a beautiful thing, but don't trust me...see for yourself.
matt pouring the yumminess. those are the glasses mama always has on hand for our egg nog. we've used those almost as long as i can remember.
a very happy man

michael's glass about that much more full than mine was 30 seconds after getting the glass...


cassandra sagan webb said...

I absolutely ADORE egg nog. And I could kick myself because I finally mustered the courage to try it just last year! I couldn't believe what I had been missing! I love to get the Southern Comfort brand from the grocery store. It's amazing! (And no, I don't add Southern Comfort to it, like the box recommends. I think that would taste nasty. Why fix what's not broken)??

Enjoy your egg nog! :)

Sara the crazy red headed girl said...

mmmmmmmmmm i love me some egg nog. I usually don't get my first glass till either around Thanksgiving or Christmas..... that is if i remember.
Its hard to drink a whole thing of it when i'm the only one who likes it. drink a sip or two for me.

beth said...

my interest lies in the dr pepper in the background =)