Thursday, October 9, 2008

vegas (without the pictures)

i apologize now, this post will not be illustrated.
i'm an idiot. i left my camera in san antonio, as i flew to my beautiful friend's wedding in vegas.

this trip to vegas was so much fun! michael and i stayed at the monte carlo this time. the casino and all of the downstairs stuff was a little nicer than the luxor, but the room was sort of normal. but for sleeping, it was pretty darn good.

on friday night we tried a steakhouse in the monte carlo called Brand. it was delicious. michael and i shared a ribeye with lobster mashed potatoes and forest mushrooms. yumm!!!! he ordered creme brulee for dessert, only to find out it was coffee brulee. i know most people would die for that. i, on the other hand, almost died because of it. bleh. gross. the dinner overall, though, was a really great experience. it was probably the nicest dinner i've ever had. it wasn't your average texas steakhouse, that's for sure.

we played a few slots and i went to bed. i couldn't even make it to midnight! of course, they are 2 hours behind. so on texas time, i was at 1:39am. that's pretty good for a teacher on a friday night.

we had a great relaxing afternoon on saturday, sight seeing and hanging around. we got ready for the wedding and took a taxi down the strip to ceasar's. the bride was stunning but the wedding was less than 10 minutes! i guess they have so many weddings there they have to get 'em in and out pretty darn quick! michael and i felt like the outcasts because other than family, i was the only one of malissa's friends that she has known since before college. whoa. all of the friends there were hanging out and laughing and talking and not all that interested in anyone else there they didn't know. it was totally understandable though so michael and i thought we'd go to the reception dinner so i could at least chat with malissa and then leave. we got to the pink taco at the hard rock casino and sat in a table out of the way. after a few minutes, another couple walked up and asked if they could join us. turns out, he was the only one of brian's friends that came from before. we were the outcasts together! and, we had so much stinkin' fun together! they made the night so great! we decided to hang out with everyone a while after the wedding too and had a blast.

on sunday, i woke up at 12:40pm las vegas time. so nice.

we had dinner at bobby flay's mesa grill and made our way to the mirage to watch ray romano and kevin james. they were so stinkin hilarious! i laughed so hard i could have passed out. thank goodness i'm not that kinda girl. it was so much fun!

it was one of the best vacation's i've had so far! :)


kelli said...

Sounds fun!! I really want to try Bobby Flay's restaurant too!! Lucky gal!

La said...

I would LOVE to see Romano and James! Those are two of my favorites!!! Your trip sounds like lots of fun....=)

Adam said...

Sounds really fun but we all really know why you didn't take your camera (wink, wink) What happens in Vegas... :p